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A complete 360 digital business solution utilizing technology to maximize a brand to its fullest potential.

Building a brand with an online presence has never been easier with shobDigital.

We combine strategy with marketing, design & technology to ensure customers prefer you over your competitors.


E-Commerce Solution
With shobCommerce, you can get the best-in-class experience of running an e-commerce site for a reasonable price
Social Media Management
Too busy to post content and manage customers online? Don't worry, we offer 360° social media management service to respond to your customer promptly.
Digital Business Consultancy
Our full-service digital knowledge & resources help us guide you through the hard process with relative ease. Let us help you transition into the digital age.
Point-of-Sale (POS) Solution
with shobPOS you can manage your entire business' day-to-day operations at your fingertips
Digital Advertising Services
Confused about boosting? Not a problem. We do extensive market research combined with online data to target the perfect customers for your business
Digital Content Creation
Our creative team dedicates itself to find new ways to generate the leads you seek through digital content to post & boost on social media across the board.
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Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Whether it’s an online shop or a bespoke booking solution, we pride ourselves on responsive e-commerce design and development and work closely with you to deliver a comprehensive platform that meets the needs of your business as well as your customers. Whether on mobile, tablet or desktop, we deliver user-centric e-commerce solutions with intuitive content management, secure payment gateway implementation and a fully optimised user journey.
At TechUp, our e-commerce solutions are driven by our digital marketing expertise, not limited to a sole focus on SEO, PPC or Social. As with all of our websites, we design and build projects with digital strength to drive visitors that convert into happy customers. Combined with our UX and CRO knowledge, we strive to ensure your e-commerce platform delivers a quick and easy checkout process, with as few simple steps as possible.
The first port of call should be investing in a reliable server infrastructure, ideally a cloud package where there are multiple instances of your site online at any one time should one instance go down. There are more robust variations of a cloud server, such as a virtual private server which cost more but are essential for a site with lots of rich media content. For all of our web builds, we can advise on the most suitable hosting package that meets your requirements and cover setting up and migrating to the new environment.

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